This time-line is as concise as I think I can make it, whilst maintaining a good degree of detail.

The names of the characters (and dates) will be colour coded (and put in bold) to show which part of the story they came from, to alleviate confusion as much as possible:

Blood Omen, Soul Reaver, Soul Reaver 2, Blood Omen 2 and Defiance.

If a character's name is not coloured (for example, Raziel in time line 1, 0500 B.K) it means that we do not see it within any of the games, but it is inferred from the rules that we have been given by the creators of the games.

The points where the time-line is altered are also colour coded in blue.

The acronyms, A.K and B.K mean After Kain's birth and Before Kain's birth, respectively. Consider it like how we use AD or CE to represent dates after what is (mistakenly) commonly considered the birth year of Jesus, and BC or BCE for dates preceding it.

Date Timeline 1 Timeline 2 Timeline 3 Timeline 4
Unknown The Ancient Vampires declare war upon the Hylden for defying the Wheel of fate.
Unknown The Hylden build the Device, a machine in which to house the Mass, a creature that they intend to use in order to wipe out the vampires. It requires a network throughout Nosgoth, but the network is not completed.
Unknown The Ancient Vampires create the Pillars of Nosgoth, resulting in the creation of the Circle of Nine, and the banishment of the Hylden to the Demon Realm.
Unknown As revenge for their banishment, the Hylden cast a curse upon the vampires, making them immortal and sterile. The Elder God turns his back on the vampires due to their immortality. Some of the vampires commit suicide to reunite with their God.
Unknown Janos Audron sires the first created vampire, Vorador. Vorador is made to forge the Blood Reaver.
Unknown Due to Vampires no longer being born, humans are chosen as their replacements for the Circle. Once the humans come of age they are made into vampires.
Unknown Mortanius and Moebius rebel against their Vampire masters using a staff which disables vampiric abilities.
0500 B.K

Wraith Raziel meets Janos Audron in his Aerie. The Sarafan use the staff to disable Janos, and tear out his heart. Wraith Raziel chases them back to the Sarafan stronghold.

Vorador takes revenge upon the Sarafan for killing his master by slaughtering six of the Circle of Nine. He then humiliates Malek by defeating him in battle.

Wraith Raziel kills the Sarafan, including his Sarafan self, using the Blood Reaver.

Raziel is pulled into the Blood Reaver, creating the Soul Reaver. Kain attempts to save Raziel from being pulled into the Blood Reaver, but fails. The Soul Reaver is created.

Kain manages to pull the Blood Reaver from Raziel, sparing him from his fate. Kain tries to warn Raziel not to resurrect Janos Audron.

Raziel remains in the spectral realm until 0030 A.K

???? B.K As punishment for failing to protect the Circle of Nine, Mortanius fuses Malek's soul to his armour for eternity.
0470 B.K

Kain confronts Moebius in the Sarafan Stronghold, so he can find out where Raziel is.

Kain heads to the Vampire Citadel, and sees numerous murals depicting a battle between the Vampire Messiah and the Hylden Champion.

The Elder God, claiming to be the Oracle of the Ancient Vampires, sends Kain to 0030 A.K

0020 B.K

Kain sees Moebius give William the Just the Soul Reaver. Kain then challenges William the Just to battle, but loses. He then returns to 0030 A.K

Kain sees Moebius give William the Just the Soul Reaver. Kain challenges William the Just to battle, and wins, breaking William's Soul Reaver in half. He then returns to 0030 A.K
0000 A.K

Raziel finds the broken Soul Reaver in William the Just's tomb. The Wraith Blade drains Raziel in order to repair the blade, which makes the Wraith Blade become fully aroused and ravenous.

Raziel meets Kain at the Pillars of Nosgoth.

Ariel, the current Balance Guardian is murdered by Mortanius. Kain is born.

Nupraptor, the Guardian of the Pillar of Mind and Ariel's lover, finds her corpse. Suspecting treachery from within the Circle, and mad with grief, Nupraptor uses is psychic link to the other Guardians to drive them mad, including the newborn Kain.

The Pillars of Nosgoth become black and corrupted.

Raziel, after talking to Vorador and finding murals prophecising the Vampire Messiah, returns to the Sarafan Stronghold. Raziel confronts Kain within William the Just's tomb.

Raziel is unable to resist the pull of the Reaver, and murders Kain.

Raziel travels to 0130 A.K.

Raziel, after talking to Vorador and finding murals prophecising the Vampire Messiah, returns to the Sarafan Stronghold. Raziel confronts Kain within William the Just's tomb.

Raziel, in order to defy fate, manages to spare Kain from his death.

Raziel travels to 0130 A.K.

0030 A.K

Kain the Nobleman is murdered by bandits, and offered a chance of revenge by Mortanius. Kain accepts, and is turned into a vampire.

Kain hunts down the bandits, and murders them. He is told that the bandits were being controlled by the Circle of Nine, and so he goes on a quest for vengeance against them.

Kain murders Nupraptor at his Keep, Bane and DeJoule at Dark Eden. Vorador removes Malek's helmet from his armour, essentially killing him.

Kain kills Azimuth, and finds a Time Streaming Device. He forges and alliance with King Ottmar of Willendorf, and takes him to war against the armies of the Nemesis. This is the Battle of the Last Stand. King Ottmar gets killed on the battlefield, and Kain uses the time streaming device, travelling to 0020 B.K.

Raziel escapes from the Elder God. Using the souls of the Vampire Guardians of the Pillars, he imbues the Wraith Blade with permanent elemental powers.

His search for the Heart of Darkness takes him to Avernus Cathedral, where he finds some underground tunnels. Within these tunnels he sees murals of the Hylden Champion, and wanders which side he is actually meant to represent.

Raziel kills Turel, who was possessed by Hylden and being worshipped as Hash'Ak'Gik.

Kain rushes to Avernus to talk with Raziel, but they end up fighting. Raziel rips the Heart of Darkness from Kain's chest, and throws him into an open portal.

Raziel returns to Vorador's mansion to find that Moebius has caught Vorador and is going to execute him.

Using the Heart of Darkness, Raziel resurrects Janos Audron, who is also confused as to Raziel's role. Janos teleports them both to the Vampire Citadel, and tells Raziel to activate the forge at it's centre.

Kain returns to find that William's death has provoked a genocidal war against vampires lead by Moebius.

Moebius executes Vorador.

Kain kills Moebius, then returns to the Pillars. Mortanius kills Anacrothe, then transforms into a monster due to his being possessed for so long by the Hylden Lord.

Kain kills Mortanius, and learns that he is the Balance Guardian. Kain refuses to sacrifice himself to restore balance, and the Pillars collapse.

Raziel, having activated the forge that calls the souls of every Balance Guardian to it, and having purified the Wraith Blade, returns to Janos.

As the Pillars collapse, the Hylden Lord possesses Janos Audron. He then defeats Raziel.

Raziel's soul returns to the forge, and the Elder God resurrects Moebius, telling him to return to the forge.

Kain wakes up in the Demon Realm, but escapes. He returns to the Vampire Citadel, and goes to the forge.

Kain kills Moebius, again. Raziel reaves Moebius' soul, killing him for good. Realising his destiny, he possesses Moebius' corpse, and is impaled upon the Blood Reaver by Kain.

Raziel goes into the Blood Reaver, creating the Soul Reaver, and sentencing himself to thousands of years of torment.

The Wraith Blade disperses into Kain, purifying him of all corruption, allowing him to see the Elder God, and freeing itself from thousands of years of torment.

Kain defeats the Elder God, and leaves.

0130 A.K

Raziel activates some temporary forges, is taunted by an illusion of Moebius, and sees more murals.

Raziel travels to 0500 B.K.

???? A.K Vorador is resurrected.
0230 A.K Kain, using an army created by Vorador, tries to take over Nosgoth. The Sarafan/Hylden Lord defeats Kain, putting him into a coma for 200 years, and steals the Soul Reaver.
0430 A.K

Kain wakes up from his coma. He destroys the Mass using it's creator's blood, and rescues Janos who had been used as food for it.

Janos gets thrown into the Demon Realm by the Hylden Lord. Kain kills the Hylden Lord, closes the gate to the Demon Realm, and takes back the Soul Reaver.

0500 A.K Kain resurrects the Sarafan Priests Raziel, Turel, Dumah, Rahab, Zephon, and Melchiah as vampires, turning them into his lieutenants.
1500 A.K Raziel shows his wings to Kain. Knowing what he has to do, Kain tears out Raziel's wings, and has him thrown into the Lake of the Dead.
2000 A.K

Raziel awakens in the Spectral Realm and, coerced by the Elder God, kills Melchiah, Zephon, Rahab and Dumah.

Raziel confronts Kain in the Chronoplast chamber, and chases him through the portal, arriving in 0000 A.K.